Ken Balch

  • B.A. in English and American Literature
  • Articles published in two leading sport aviation magazines
  • Extensive experience as Managing Editor for a series of websites
  • Directly responsible for growth of primary site from <10K pageviews per month to over 1M

A lifelong reader, writer, and editor, my eye for detail and editorial prowess are unmatched.

Deeply involved with initiating and maintaining the social media presence for a number of sites, my guidance and ideas were directly responsible for one property’s growth from its earliest days online to its current status as a 7-figure (pageviews per month) powerhouse. Associated newsletter and forum subscriptions grew to over 25K each, with the newsletter hitting over 150K inboxes weekly (spread over a total of six mailings per week). Concomitant ad income naturally increased, as well.

My flexible team here at Polymath Enterprises stands ready to fulfill any or all of your online needs.

Our Pledge

You have my personal assurance that we will absolutely improve both the quality of your content and your peace of mind that all of your copy is publication-ready.

When you hire Polymath Enterprises, no work product will ever leave our hands until my own standards for quality have been met and client satisfaction is assured.